Acidulous Water Explained


Many people ask whether acid water can qualify has being a useless byproduct or amazing green product. Most people view acid water has containing extra hydrogen ions (H+). These ions are produced in the form of charged molecules that results from substances dissolved in water. Water can either be acidic or alkaline water. The method used to determine whether water is acidic or alkaline is by measuring the pH of that sample of water.

Water that has a pH value of less than 7.0 is considered to be acidic. At this pH value, the water is very acidic thus increasing the hydrogen ions in the water increases acidity. When hydroxide ions are increased, the more alkaline the water becomes. The decrease or increase determines the acidity or alkaline levels.

The reason why there is acid in water is has a result of the leakage of acidic waste into the water. This can be through carbon dioxide being dissolved on ground or well water. Acid can have dire consequences in someone’s life for the speed in which biochemical’s reaction take place in the human body is determine by the pH otherwise known as potential hydrogen in everything you consume. Acid is catabolic making breakdown of substances within the body faster, for electricity moves faster in an acidic environment which is considered to be unstable.

To treat acid water, you should pass the water through a water filter media that has solid calcium carbonate that allows the pH water to become neutral. This type of filter is used because it is simple and no chemicals are used which prevents any possibility of over dosage.


A water ionizer is among the many water filters, one can use to cleanse water. But the water ionizer is no ordinary water filter for they do not serve the same purposes. The subsequent event after filtrations by the use of activated carbon is what differentiates the water ionizer from other water filters.

The ionization process changes the oxygen and the pH levels of the water. The changes that are realized make the water ready for use. The surface tension in the water also reduces therefore making it easier for the body to use and utilize the water. Acid water should not just be considered harmful to the human body and nature in general as it has some advantages. This water can be used to effectively treat skin allergies such as eczema. It also makes a good eyewash and hair rinse.