Alkaline Ionized Water – Any Truth to the Claims?


Acidity is claimed by many to be the basis for all serious disease a person could get and reversing it can reverse the disease? Is this true?

‘Yes’ according to the makers of a machine that claims to alkalize and ionize water.

The machine is not affordable for most, costing thousands of dollars, so let’s look at whether it can actually do what it claims.

Firstly, there is no such thing as a uniform pH (acidity or alkalinity) of the body. The body wouldn’t be able to function if there was. For example, take stomach acid. If it were not acidic, your food wouldn’t be able to digest and you’d have constant heartburn, constipation and nutrient deficiencies.

Then there’s the blood. This has to stay at an alkaline level or you would die, and the body has a complex system of buffering to make sure it stays at this pH.

So as you can see, the body needs to maintain different pH’s and drinking alkaline water will not change this. Yet this is what we are asked to believe.

Why don’t we look at the digestive process that occurs on drinking alkaline water. Once the alkaline water hits stomach acid it’s quickly neutralized, then as it passes on through the intestines it’s alkalized by pancreatic fluids.


Thus any water you may drink will go through this same process and become alkaline anyway. Why waste money on this machine?

Is Alkaline Water an Anti-oxidant? This is the false explanation given to explain alkaline water’s supposed ability to neutralize death dealing diseases such as cancer – that it’s an anti-oxidant. Being an anti-oxidant it can eliminate “free radicals” that are supposedly running rampant in our bodies causing all sorts of tissue damage and disease.

The only problem is that, even if alkaline water was an anti-oxidant (which it’s not) your body has an anti-oxidant system that is probably millions of times more effective.

Why do we say that alkaline water isn’t an anti-oxidant? For the simple scientific explanation that it can bleach the color from iodine, a dark brown substance. This is because alkaline water has the same properties as bleach (which can do the same). And what is bleach? An OXIDANT – the precise opposite of an anti-oxidant.

It’s simply a lie that it can cure cancer!